Loss Of Wages As A Victim Of Crime

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If you are a victim of a violent crime, you may experience trauma or injury that prevents you from earning an income.

However, there is support available for victims of crime who have lost their financial benefits and entitlements.

The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) supports applications for financial assistance in Victoria.

VOCAT works with victims of crime to help them recover and pay for any expenses that have been incurred.

In Victoria, there are three ways to access victims of crime compensation:

  1. Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal Scheme (VOCAT): the government pays any compensation rather than the offender.
  2. A Sentencing Act application: in the event where an offender has been found guilty and convicted, they will pay any compensation.
  3. A Wrongs Act application: this is a civil case against the alleged offender, where they pay any compensation whether they are guilty or not.

The Victims of Crime Compensation team at RV Legal offers a compassionate approach to legal affairs after a traumatic event. Our services are free of charge.

What Is The Best Option?

In the first instance, VOCAT may award a lump sum for earnings lost by way of compensation to crime victims.

The Tribunal can make specific case orders to ensure victims of crime get back on their feet. The process is typically faster and smoother than the other options available.

Importantly, there have been cases where a Sentencing Act Application or a Wrongs Act application has failed because the offender has been unable to pay the compensation.

Victims of crime are classified on a range of eligibility criteria in Victoria.

These include primary and secondary victims, who may be covered up to $20,000 for any loss of earning suffered.

This takes place over a period of two years following the act of violence. There are other awards of assistance up to $60,000, which may be available for counselling, medical expenses, or damaged clothing.

Any claims for loss of earnings should be supported by documentation, which verifies the amount you are seeking to claim.

In addition, the Workcover and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) can assist with loss of income for victims of crime.

These financial compensation schemes cover any pain and suffering up to a maximum of $10,000.

If you have fallen victim to dangerous driving, then you may be entitled to a TAC claim. In some cases, the victim’s family may be eligible for financial compensation up to $100,000.

Remember, the government will pay any orders to ensure you are financially secure.

Reach Out

If you are a victim of a violent crime, it can be an unsettling time as you begin the healing process.

However, if you experience a reduction in wages because of your hardship, our compassionate team will help you.

We understand the hardship that you face during these tough times and will help you navigate through the legal loopholes and ensure you are correctly compensated.

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